Product Name : Nozzle Type External Vacuum Packaging Machine
Product Description
1.This machine is made of stainless steel, It has a luster surface which will not be stained with dust and a dry pump for clean room.Saving power and low noise, this machine can prevent damage of products due to excessive vacuum.
2.Pneumatically automatic vacuum that is easy to operate.
3.The height of the platform is adjustable for products of different sizes and specifications.
4.The vacuum operation can be stopped timely depending on the tightness of products to be packed. It can prevent deformation of products at the first time of use and serve as the reference of the second adjustment.
5.The design of upper and lower heating of seals,the Wtype heat wire on the upper sealing base, and the plain heat wire on the lower sealing base can ensure a tight sealing of the 4-layer aluminum foil bags.
6.It is easy to change the sealing base, heat wire, and heat-resistant cloth.
7.A nitrogen and vacuum setting device alsocan be installed to ensure a precise vacuum setting.

Dimensions 860(L)×650(W)×1290(H)mm
Work Board 600×600mm
Sealing Length 850mm
Power Supply 110/220V
Single-Phase 50/60Hz 1KW