Product Name : Automatic Continuous Conveyor Operated Vacuum Packaging Machine
Product Introduction
Model TFA 1050-400
Dimensions 1960(W)×1660(D)×1310(H)mm   600kg
Chamber Size (mm) Seal Length 1050mm
Clearance Below Seal 400mm
Depth 70~120mm
Electric Power Supply Substance AC 220V 3-PH 50/60 Hz 1.8kw
Vacuum Pump AC 220V 3-PH 50/60 Hz 4HP~7-1/2HP
Speed 1000mm x 3-4times per minute
Put bagged goods on belt-conveyor for

Suitable for packaging frozen foods, hardware products and electronic items. Complete air-lost and automatic sealing, suitable for the packaging of solid articles, adhesive items and liquids. Even water and oil can be tightly sealed.